Paul Fusco’s Attentive Art Director

28 Jun

The attentive art director

I stomped by this beautiful picture when I searched the internet and cannot but to clip it onto my blog site to share with everyone. It is a work by Paul Fusco.
Below is an extract from what he said and his great photography.

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve finally come to the realization – and it took me quite a while – that we all work on things, generally, with a lot of concern and interest and we actually have a very subjective and strong point of view. And we believe in it, and we think it has great value and that is what we want to show up in our work. Everyone who is looking at our photographs is also very subjective and they react to it through who they are and they get something from it and you never know if they’re getting what we [want them to get.]

New York City. 2000. Women In Mourning anti-police brutality rally. Paul Fusco / Magnum Photos
New York City. 2000. Women In Mourning anti-police brutality rally. Paul Fusco/Magnum Photos

It’s unreasonable to think that they are gonna get exactly what we want and what we got from the situation but we hope we can bring them close so they can feel and think more or less the way we do about that situation. Very often it’s an important issue to us. It’s not just trying to make something look beautiful; we’re usually photographing issues for a lot of reasons, most of them subjective, and with intent.

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