How Does Your Child Learn?

01 Aug
How Does Your Child Learn?
Each person has a unique learning style. The more you understand a child’s temperament, the better you can help them to build confidence and improve academically.

Regardless of their zodiac sign, your child’s learning style must not be ignored. It will be helpful to first identify the learning style that best fits your child.

Three main ways people learn are aural, visual, and kinesthetic. If you want your child to succeed, an approach that keeps the learning style in mind, can make learning easy and fun.

Aural learners understand and remember best when they can hear what is being taught. They will often read aloud to themselves and find it easy to remember information that is recorded and listened to again. They do best studying with a group or one on one with a teacher.

Visual learners need to see what they are learning. They need time to consider and review information. Written notes are the most easily remembered. Visual learners generally do well in a traditional classroom setting.

Kinesthetic learners are "hands on." They learn by doing. Sitting in a class can be difficult. For them, it is easier to understand the world while on the move, or by touching, or experimenting with learning material. For example, math learned through using blocks or playing "store" will suit them best.

Whether aural, visual, or kinesthetic, knowing your child’s astrological "style" will help solve problems and encourage academic success.

Aries is active and headstrong. No matter what the learning style, the Ram needs lots of physical exercise to feel balanced. They do best when they are allowed to take the lead. Learning is more fun if there is a challenge or a contest attached. Aries especially enjoys sharing what they have learned with others who need help. Consider finding a "study buddy" with or for your child.

Down to earth Taurus is very much a child of regular habits. Building good study and work habits from a young age is especially important. Be consistent. Choose a comfortable setting, include a snack, and be sure they do their work at the same time each day. To keep a Taurus interested, show them how the information has a practical application.

Gemini‘s are born communicators. They have a strong need to interact with others and to share information. Their big weakness is moving too fast over the information. They tend to cut corners and ignore details. Yes, they can study listening to loud music. Gemini does best studying in teams. They enjoy talking about what they learn as they learn it.

Cancer craves encouragement and emotional support. Studying can be easier if the parents, especially Mom, are involved. Cancers can be moody and tend to be occasionally over-dramatic. Be flexible about schedules and study times. For emotionally sensitive Cancer, a happy home is an important part of learning. Food is always a good reward.

Anything that allows them to be the center of attention suits Leo just fine. Admiration is your best weapon to motivate them. Honest praise makes a Leo shine and want to do better. Leo seeks the same sort of approval in the classroom. Playful and creative Leo wants to be a star, but tends to be lazy. Help them find personally satisfying applications for what they learn.

Virgo is naturally responsible, helpful, and analytical. They look at people and situations with a critical eye. When they are too self-critical, or a task is not as easy as they hope, they can become discouraged. Because they are generally well-mannered, learning difficulties can sometimes be missed. Approach study with a gentle and good-humored attitude. They may need help to settle down and stay focused.

For social butterfly Libra, learning helps them fit in with their group. Libra has a strong sense of fair play. They can be difficult to pin down and always want to be right. Libra needs a goal or dream to believe in. When inspired, they have tremendous focus. They can become irritable when trying to study. Break down the information into simpler, smaller bits. This will be easier to absorb.

Scorpio is strong-willed, feisty, and very private. You cannot tell a Scorpio what to do with any hope of success. It is important to establish good work habits while young. Encourage study by showing that what they are learning will help them achieve their personal goals. Once a Scorpio has reached the teens, there is not much you can do to change them. Support healthy friendships.

If you are the parent of a Sagittarius, you already know the optimistic, outgoing and know-it-all qualities of this generous sign. Sag prefers active experience to any sort of study. But the structure of education, and regular (if unwanted) study habits help expansive Saggitarius achieve his or her goals. They hate being alone and prefer a study partner. Physical exercise makes it easier for Sag to focus.

Young Capricorns, even if they are not naturally good students, do want to conquer the world. They want a practical application for what they learn. Generally well disciplined and serious, Capricorn is naturally ambitious. If study is not their first choice, do your best to keep them on task. Encourage Capricorn to take the lead in school activities. This will help motivate them to succeed in school.

Aquarians can be absent-minded and quirky. It is easy to forget or lose assignments. They are honest and generally well-meaning people. Schoolwork can be less important than friends or a cause like global warming. Encourage friendships with other good students. If your young Aquarian has a particular interest, do all you can to show them how they can apply this interest to subjects at school.

Pisces is a dreamer. From an early age, supply them with crayons, paints, musical instruments and other ways to express their inner vision. Pisces will avoid unpleasantness, including homework, in favor of a romantic movie or playing music alone in their room. Gentle, but firm direction will be necessary to keep this Mooncalf on track. If you ignore their schoolwork, they may do the same. 

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