Feng Shui: Create Your Own Good Fortune!

04 Aug

Feng Shui: Create Your Own Good Fortune!

By Tara Rummell Berson

Want to boost your love life, get ahead at work, and bring windfalls of money into your life? Ellen Whitehurst can help.

If rejuvenating your love life were as easy as putting fruit on your kitchen counter, would you make a dash for the farmer’s market? And if someone told you that clearing the clutter around your entryway would bring a major career boost, would you break out the storage bins? Of course you would — just like the countless celebrities, business owners, and women like you who follow the more than 4,000-year-old Chinese art of feng shui.

Pronounced "fung shway," this philosophy is based on the premise that your living space mirrors your life, so the objects and energy in your home can either rev up or slow down your life’s progress, says Ellen Whitehurst, a feng shui expert and holistic healer, and now a regular Redbook contributor. By using decorating and placement to create balance and harmony in your home, she explains, you can channel positive energy, known as chi, to improve all aspects of your life. There’s a fundamental tenet behind this system — certain areas of your home correspond to specific areas of your life, according to the Bagua map. To help make your goals become a reality, superimpose this map on the layout of your house, apartment, or room to locate your nine energy centers and bring positive energy to the areas of your life that need it most. "For example, to invigorate your love life, focus on the room located in the right rear corner of your home," explains Whitehurst. Positive thinking also helps, she says. "Make it a daily practice to visualize your goals," says Whitehurst. Follow these easy tips, and you’ll be on your way to making a luckier — and happier — you!

Ignite Your Love Life
It’s no surprise that your bedroom has a strong impact on your love life, but so does that back right-hand area of your house, apartment, or room (the love and relationship zone).

Open your front door.
All energy, including romance, flows into your home through your doorway, so open it widely–and more frequently–to bring in the romance. If you’re looking for a new love, shift stagnant energy by removing clutter near the door, and then get ready for someone special to come knocking.

Display pink roses in your bedroom.
Pink is the color of unconditional love, while white is the color of birth and new beginnings, according to feng shui. Put a pair of thornless pink roses in a white vase on your bedside table or somewhere you can see them, like your dresser, says Whitehurst. These colors, combined with roses–the flowers most associated with expressing love–will inspire romance to blossom.

Place a bowl of pears in your kitchen.
"Because the kitchen is traditionally considered ‘the heart of the home,’ putting a succulent set of =pears= in a bowl on your kitchen table creates the symbolic inspiration, as well as a physical action, that supports finding a beautiful pairing," says Whitehurst.

Bring balance to your decor.
Create an energetic invitation for the opposite sex, especially in the first room the guests enter. Look around and see if there’s anything that might capture a man’s attention (i.e. classic patterns and masculine textiles). Your bedroom decor is equally critical. If you’re single and looking to attract a mate, consider the room’s setup: Do you have only one chair in the room? Are the pillows stacked on your side of the bed? Ask yourself if this is what your bedroom would look like if there was someone sharing it with you. "Acting as if your soul mate has already arrived is one way to make that dream actually happen–and what better place than the bedroom to make these romance dreams come true?" says Whitehurst. If you’re already living with your mate, but could use a little extra symbolic heat, try sleeping on red sheets. "In the world of feng shui, red sheets are the chili peppers of romance," says Whitehurst.

Jump-Start Your Career
Waking up with enthusiasm for your job is within your grasp with a little feng shui finessing. Here’s how to land a new gig, close a big deal, or just find professional happiness.

Clear clutter from around your door.
The career sector of your home is related to your front entryway–so if the doorway is blocked, you’ll have obstacles in your career path, says Whitehurst. Clutter slows down energy and can clog up your cash flow. Make sure your front door opens all the way and that there’s no junk behind it. And if your door sticks when you open it, you’re probably shutting out some good energy–fix it!

Light up your entryway.
Bring enlightenment and opportunity to your door by illuminating the path to your door. Turn on your front porch light–even during the day. If you’re worried about spending money on electricity, keep it on for just three hours a day (any wattage is fine, but the brighter, the better). If you don’t have an outside light, turn on your inside hall light. "Your intention, followed by the action of turning on the light, will support a power surge in the career area of your life," says Whitehurst.

Fix things that are broken. A busted doorbell could increase challenges in your professional life, so make sure it works. "Opportunity doesn’t knock–it rings!" says Whitehurst. Also pay attention to little fixer-uppers that can throw off positive energy.

Make More Money
Enrich your financial situation by taking matters into your own hands–and start raking in big bucks!

Find your dream number.
Write down the amount of money you’d ideally like to generate this year on a piece of purple paper (the color of money in feng shui) with a red pen (another color associated with wealth that pulls the "intention" trigger). Think BIG and be specific (like $300,000!). Then put this paper in your wallet. "Once you know your number, you’ve taken the first step toward achieving it," says Whitehurst. Another effective adjustment that can bring in additional income is to put a water fountain into your Wealth area (rear left-hand corner of your house, bedroom, or office). Then place nine (considered influential because it’s the last single digit integer and carries the highest chi vibration) dollar coins inside the fountain. Each morning, turn on the fountain while declaring your goal salary either silently or aloud, and repeat when you turn off the fountain at night. Do this for 27 days (the influential number nine times the power of three) and watch your finances become more fluid, says Whitehurst.

Turn on your stove.
Ignite all four burners for a second or two every day. "Your stove signifies food, which in ancient times symbolized abundance, so you need to activate that abundance by heating it up–literally," says Whitehurst. It’s also important to keep the top of the stove clean because it’s a symbol of your prosperity potential. Hanging a small mirror on the backsplash or over the top of the stove also helps generate income, according to the more modern schools of feng shui. "But keep it clean of grease and other cooking debris, or it will create the opposite effect, clouding your financial situation," warns Whitehurst.

Pair the color purple with fake money.
Stack nine play-money bills of the highest denominations (again, dream big!) to bring in earnings. Punch a hole in a corner of the stack and pull nine inches of purple ribbon through. Tie them together and fan them out. Place this fan somewhere in the wealth area or put it between your mattress and box spring on your side of the bed. "In feng shui, the things we place between our mattresses have an energetic association with our slumbering selves and can align with our intentions–which makes money work for you while you sleep," says Whitehurst.

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