Fashion Week

08 Aug

I don’t know who else is keeping up, or like me, has a passing interest in Olympus Fashion Week. The Project Runway shows are post collections in 2006 but I think there are still worth the re-look. All images originated from

Anna Sui. Pay no attention from the knees down and I love these.

Of course, most of Anna Sui’s stuff had this weird pirate element going on. Yikes is all I have to say. On the right is Marc Jacobs’ model, flying away. I didn’t like ANYTHING by Marc Jacobs, which depressed me cause I think he’s pretty cool.

I loved Diane Von Furstenburg’s use of color (as usual) and her “All About Eve” concept. The podcast has a really cool interview with her and Tim Gunn in addition to her runway show. Check it out.

More from DVF.

Badgley Mischka. I love the little vest.

Ooh my favorite citron/acid green/yellow color.

I’d never heard of Tory Burch before today, but I would wear all her stuff right now.

Vera Wang.

Zac Posen.

And my beloved, Michael Kors. I love the silhouettes and especially the belts.

Although would it have killed him to use some color? Any other favorites? Any thoughts on these?

Attention Jay McCarroll!

Don’t tease me. Please say that we can buy this stuff somewhere, because I’d wear all of this right this minute. Well except for the welding mask and the metallic leggings, but seriously, how hot was his collection? Answer: extremely. The color, the hand detailing, I love it all.

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