Top Wedding Cake Trends

03 Oct
Top Wedding Cake Trends
By Anja Winikka
The classy combo was evident everywhere from the signature cocktail (a mojito) to the cake (featuring brown stripes, polka dots, and fresh green orchids).
Pick the perfect sugary send-up of your wedding style with our sweet suggestions.

Trend #1: Letterpress Patterns
Why should invites have all the fun? A letterpress-style design is a trendy way to show off your gown’s ornate embroidery, your invitation’s floral design, or even your chosen china pattern. Using baker’s tools, or a custom-made rubber stamp, the design is actually impressed onto rolled-out fondant. It works best with detailed designs, adding an elegant dimension.

Trend #2: Believable Colors
Opt for organic, sophisticated, and edible cake colors — not a Crayola kaleidoscope. Think peachy pink, not Barbie pink; go lime green, not dark green; do robin’s egg blue, not bright blue. If you want a bold hit of color, focus on the details and do a monochromatic look in varying shades. For example, your bottom-tiered sugar paste floral accents could appear in a deep eggplant purple. The flowers can move into lighter shades of purple as they wrap around the cake — leading to the top tier, which would be covered with sweet, pale lavender flowers.

Trend #3: Signature Silhouettes
Reflect your wedding theme in a fresh way by adorning the cake with sophisticated silhouettes. Created with any color fondant, cutouts of your wedding motif, or a bloom from your bouquet could appear on your cake. The archetypal boy and girl silhouette in brown and ivory could work for a modern wedding. Or, bring in a sense of your surroundings, and do starfish silhouettes for a beach wedding or butterflies for a spring wedding — it’s a very translatable trend.

Trend #4: Oversized Flowers
Exaggerated sugar paste flowers are the perfect way to get an elegant look without paying a fortune for a floral-covered cake. The key is contrast: Choose a flower type that is normally small and dainty, such as daisies or stephanotis — giving sweet and simple a bold new take.

Trend #5: Mixing Shapes
Tiers in contrasting shapes add intrigue to a basic cake. You could top a hexagon-shaped bottom with two rounds. Or, use a different shape for every tier. Let your reception room be your guide. For a ballroom bash, do a tall and traditional square bottom tier and several rounds to top it off. For a casual loft wedding, play with a combo of hexagon, round, and square-shaped tiers.

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