It’s a Boy! Èste Baiat! 是個男孩!

13 Apr
It’s a Boy! Èste Baiat! 是個男孩!
Finally, we knew. It’s been quite some time since we last dared to buy clothes for our baby. I have bought some neutral colored ones prior to knowing the gender of our baby. It’s so amazing to see him in the 3D ultrasound scan, he looks amazing, padded with some cubby baby fats, just lovely.
I think this is equally amazing as how I met my husband. He’s the noblest, most humble man in the world. We met at the hillside Indian restaurant by Simon Fraser University. He doesn’t favor Indian cuisine but he still  took on the suggestion on where we decided to meet. He was so shy when we first met, he spoke so softly that I felt like a rude, yelling "American" next to him. No flowers, just simple, heart-felt good talk. We felt like we have known each other for a long time. No, it’s not the kind with any sparks, no first-love in sight, just friendly meeting.
I still remember the starry night when we went to the Italian restaurant at Commercial Drive, it’s romantic. But I didn’t tell him I love him then, we shared lots of things, he went walking with me almost everyday even though the drive from his house to mine takes usually over an hour during rush hour. He may not be the best looking man but he sure is the best for me.
I knew he’s the one for me when he cried for me… it’s like I have hurt my family member… somehow I felt we belong, there is this family feeling with him. Now that we’re going to be parents to our first baby, there is this stronger sense of belonging to each other. After so many sad, and hurtful past relationships,  I’m indeed  thankful to God that He has given me this good man. We will be great parents to our baby.
So happy that it’s a boy so my hubby can play soccer, hockey, baseball with him. Demetrius, welcome to our world.
constantin 238 SDC10045 us
us1 wedding2 daddy_younger 
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