11 trendy bathrooms

14 May
11 trendy bathrooms
Here’s a look at the latest bathroom designs that are in vogue.
Designer: Nilus Designs; Photo: Treve Johnson Photography

Trends: Updated tiling, dual sinks, wall-mounted faucets

This remodel illustrates so many trends that are popular today: the small, cool-colored tiles; the faucets jutting directly from the wall; the dual raised vessel sinks.


Designer - Jeff King & Co., Inc. ; Photo: Treve Johnson Photography

Trend: Smarter storage

Today’s homeowner wants a sleeker, more artistic bathroom, but doesn’t want to sacrifice on storage. That requires novel solutions, such as this sink with an unobtrusive pull-out drawer that creates storage while hiding the "guts" of the sink.


photo: Casey Dunn

Trend: Eco-friendly materials

Recycled materials can often be woven easily into a classy bathroom remodel. For example, the shower in this remodel is lined with Oceanside Glasstile, which is made from silica sand and which is up to 86% recycled. The countertop (unseen) is of engineered stone, which is made of castoff materials and is a less-expensive alternative to quarried stone.


photo: Hayes Designs

Trend: Soaking tub, grab bar

Soaking baths, set apart from showers, are gaining in popularity. This one is deep, for prolonged resting, with a place to rest candles and other accoutrements at either end. Note the artfully curved grab bar, another amenity that’s quickly becoming a necessity in many bathroom remodels.


photo: Hayes Designs

Trend: Dual vanities

His-and-hers vanities — even in smaller bathrooms — are growing in popularity.  Another thing to notice here: the lighting. Take care with lighting during your remodel, says award-winning remodeler Ed Miller. If light doesn’t come from in front of the face, it throws more shadows on the face, which isn’t ideal for shaving or applying makeup, or for a person’s self-image, says Miller. If the situation prevents Miller’s preferred solution — linear types of lighting flush with the walls, or linear lights right next to the mirror —  choose a fixture at face level, with a shade to diffuse the light (shown). "The very worst thing you could ever do is put a recessed light above the sink," Miller says. "It’s just the most awful light you could put on your face."


Photo: Hayes Designs

Trends: Swing doors on showers, warm tile

Showers are getting bigger. This one exhibits many features popular today, including a glass face and swing door. The shower seat can act as a footrest "so a woman doesn’t have to do the stork dance when she’s shaving her legs," as one female remodeler puts it. Also shown: warm-colored stone and tile, and neat, unobtrusive places to put shampoo and bath products.


Photo: Oswego Design & Remodeling

Trends: Warmer tile, vessel sinks

Warm-colored stone tile is increasingly in favor among homeowners — though some designers say a handsome, bright marble or nice tile is hardly out of fashion for a bathroom today, either. The more traditional sliding door on the shower is gone, replaced by a glass swing door. Note the "vessel" sink, which speaks to the appreciation for more aesthetic flair to bathroom fixtures.


Photo: Mueller Remodeling Inc.

Trends: Better tub access, flat-screen TVs

Previously, large tubs in homes frequently have had difficult access. But as the bathroom and bathtub become more of a destination, ease of use is key. This remodel swapped out the old tub for a BainUltra air jet bathtub, and recessed it into the concrete, for easier accessibility. Another addition that’s asked for more and more: a flat-screen TV.


Designer: Malcolm Davis Architecture; Photo: Treve Johnson Photography

Trends: Opening up the shower, better light

The doors are coming off the bathroom — literally, in some cases. Bathrooms are opening up. Shower stalls are expanding, and sliding glass doors are disappearing — and sometimes the defined shower space is melting away entirely, as in this "wet" bathroom. Remodelers also are trying to make them lighter: Note the giant window beside the tub that opens onto the home’s private garden.


Photo: Richard Landon Design

Trends: Moving walls, better storage

This home posed an interesting situation: The bathroom was large, but the adjacent closet was pinched. The remodeler encouraged the homeowners not to be constrained by existing walls — another trend in kitchen and bath remodels today. In this case, the walls between the master bath and closet were removed. The bath’s L-shaped vanity was straightened, creating a peninsula with a floating mirror. Opening up the two spaces also created room for an island (right) that accommodates purses, ties and shoes.


Photo: Richard Landon Design

Trends: His-and-hers vanities, smart storage

The challenge for this bathroom: merging a wife’s desire for a traditional, cozy look with a husband’s hope for industrial chic — all in just 55 square feet. The solution: two sides with different yet complementary elements. While the wife’s side (unseen) has saturated colors, a traditional washstand and a wall-mounted mirror, the husband’s side (shown) features arcing glass; suspended elements such as the light fixtures and the mirror in iridescent green metal; and a modern washbasin, an increasingly popular element. A whimsically painted CD holder is used as a medicine cabinet. Vertical storage like this is gaining new fans for its ease of use and space-saving ability. 

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