25 of Our Favorite Real-Life Bedrooms

15 May
25 of Our Favorite Real-Life Bedrooms
From contemporary to traditional, we’ve search through all of our bedrooms to bring you 25 of our favorites.
bedroom w/purple walls

Cool and Classic

Cool blue and lavender are natural color choices for a restful bedroom, but by themselves pastels can turn downright chilly. Plenty of brown and white accents keep this room snugly warm.

Why We Love It: Traditional furniture is classic and familiar but it can be stodgy without a nod toward modern style. This bedding is definitely trendy, but its brown color and geometric patterns relate to the bed’s paneled headboard.

brown and orande room w/oak tables

East Meets West

The geometry and proportion of this bedroom’s furnishings spring straight from Asian design, but the rustic wood surfaces and faux suede bed give off a cool cowboy vibe.

Why We Love It: The most inspired spaces usually meld multiple style sources. Whatever its pedigree, this bedroom works because of perfectly scaled symmetry and organic textures. Even with white walls, the coppery palette of the draperies and bedding lends comfort and warmth.

4 post bed with red blanket

Four-Post Presence

The large poster bed is the attention-grabber in this pale master suite. The easiest way to create drama in a smaller room is to choose one beautiful overscale piece of furniture and let it take charge.

Why We Love It: A nearly neutral palette reinforces the bed’s dominance and creates a tranquil mood. The intriguing wall color (lavender? gray? taupe?) is very sophisticated, especially with the counterpoint provided by the russet blanket.

bedroom with lace coverlet

Personal Style

The bed, bench, table, pillows, and headboard combine to give this room a strong horizontal orientation, low and sleek, with a mid-century feel. The items on the bedside table add enough vertical tension to keep things interesting.

Why We Love It: While nothing in this room is precisely coordinated, it all works together fabulously. A casual mix of fabrics and furniture, both vintage and new, creates individual style that you won’t find at the mall for any price.

bedroom w/sund mirror above bed

Dressed to the Nines

Perfect design lives where comfort intersects with style. This sumptuous bed is dressed with layer upon layer of beautiful bedding, each softer and loftier than the last. It’s hard to imagine tossing and turning in this luxurious retreat.

Why We Love It: The bed offers an assortment of indulgent textures: the nubby linen headboard, the smooth silk of embroidered pillows, the duvet cover in dimpled matelasse, and the bristly hand of the mohair loveseat. Pattern and color are always important in decorating but interesting textures can make a good room great.

brown bedroom with blue pillows

Warm and Modern

Fresh white bedding and accessories contrast with the rich brown walls to keep the bedroom from feeling gloomy. Rust-color pillow shams introduce an accent hue and establish a focal point on the bed.

Why We Love It: Great rooms reflect current trends, but straight-up modern design can leave us cold. Here, earthy color, tactile bedding, and handcrafted art create a comfy bedroom that’s right for today.

light blue bedroom

Simple and Chic

Vapor blue walls create a soothing atmosphere in this discreetly feminine master suite. Eclectic furnishings, both vintage and modern, transform the room into a personal haven.

Why We Love It: The dark floors are mirrored by an unexpected and impressive wood ceiling that makes the room more intimate while increasing the chandelier’s wow factor.

brown wall and white bedding

Understated Luxury

The sophisticated furniture and neutral palette gives this room an undertone of opulence, while the angled bed and large-scale accents add a bit of drama.

Why We Love It: The mix-and-match approach to furnishings and accessories creates a timeless room with a few pleasant little surprises.

lime green walls and white bedding

Sage Sanctuary

The monochromatic window treatments, headboard, and walls offer a soothing backdrop to the simple white linens and accessories in this restful retreat.

Why We Love It: Monochromatic color schemes are unified and soothing, a perfect choice for bedrooms. The only pattern is found on subtly striped pillows that are showcased against white bedding.

bed in nook with  bright pillows

Tucked In

When the shell of a room offers this much drama, furnishings can take a supporting role. This simple bed is beautifully sheltered within the soaring dormer while well-chosen lamps and accessories stretch into the vertical space.

Why We Love It: The simplicity of the wall color, bedding, and accessories allows for the architecture of the room to shine.

bedroom w/two small chairs at end of bed

Gilt-y Pleasure

This bedroom is fit for a king but it remains quite livable too. An oversize upholstered headboard is paired with cozy a velvet duvet in neutral tones. Adding further elegance, two diminutive chairs sit at the foot of the bed, offering ready perches for removing shoes.

Why We Love It: The sheen of the metallic floral wallpaper adds a layer of richness to the room.

bedroom w/ cream and dark wood furniture

Chic Sleeping Space

Framed by two long mirrors, unique lamps, and contemporary side tables, this modern bedroom gains a formal air from its disciplined symmetry.

Why We Love It: The vast window is dressed in reversible blinds that can close from the top down or the bottom up. This allows light into the room while maintaining privacy.

bedroom w/red and blue accessories

Pattern Happy

An unlikely duo, red and pink, mingle in the accent pillows, and the blue trellis-patterned wallpaper makes an interesting backdrop for the pink striped headboard.

Why We Love It: Mixing red, white, blue…and pink? Sometimes the reward is worth the risk! Take a chance with color and you might just create a unique space that you’ll love.

bedroom w/red square bed lamps

Warm Palette

With a generously proportioned sleigh bed and high bombe chests, this bedroom becomes a well-appointed gentleman’s retreat. A classic rug and vintage photographs add to the masculine appeal. But lush linens and fresh flowers make the room attractive to everyone.

Why We Love It: With just a couple well-chosen pieces of large furniture, this small room makes a big style statement.

Mix up Finishes

Beachy Vibes

Walls in white beaded board and navy paper present a stunning backdrop for a handsome bedroom inspired by the beach. Shell accessories and the simple artwork above the bed reinforce the theme, as does the sand-colored natural rug underfoot.

Why We Love It: Aside from kids’ rooms, decorating around a theme can be a dangerous exercise; it’s easy to go too far. This room achieves a coastal feel with a well-chosen palette and restrained accessories — and without a lighthouse lamp in sight!

bedroom w/pale blue walls and lime green accents

Femme Chic

A plush tufted headboard, lavender walls, and a dainty chandelier give this room a girly vibe. A nearly random mix of patterns and styles comes together with bohemian charm.

Why We Love It: The unexpected color scheme is surprisingly stylish and chic, infusing the room with a spirit of individuality.

bedroom w/pointed ceiling

Attic Advantage

Classic Arts and Crafts era houses often feature attic spaces that make showstopping master suites. To keep the classic feel of this attic, the beams were painted white to match the built-ins. Centered under a window, a mission-style bed dressed in warm linens completes the look.

Why We Love It: The dramatic ceiling and custom storage give this bedroom a strong sense of place.

bedrooom on wood platform

Center Stage

This multilevel master bedroom is stately and refined. The light gray walls are a beautiful complement to the yellow floral textiles, and the towering windows add plenty of light and drama.

Why We Love It: With its multilevel floor of deeply colored wood, this master suite has a flair for the dramatic.

bedroom overall

Modern Touch

Keeping the character of a restored warehouse, this bedroom is simple and sophisticated. A modern four-post bed becomes architecture, while tactile bedding and contemporary artwork take the hard edge off.

Why We Love It: The worn patina of the brick walls and wood floors tell of the building’s history while contrasting beautifully with the contemporary furnishings.

blue and yellow room with floral yellow wallpaper

Pattern with Attitude

Bold floral wallpaper paired with stripes and even more floral patterns gives this room a fearless presence.

Why We Love It: The risky combinations of patterns and colors with a bold complementary color scheme are dicey — but here it really works! Sometimes it pays to push a little beyond your comfort zone.

bed with chaise lounge at the end

Pretty Floral

So pale it’s barely a color at all, the lovely lilac with eggshell color scheme sets a refined mood for this posh bedroom. The tonal stripes on the walls add interest while receding to the background, and subtly patterned pillows call just enough attention to anchor the room.

Why We Love It: Sometimes a room is beautiful because of decorating restraint, not decorating bravado.

contemporary orange and brown bedroom

Mod Rules

This groovy room pairs vintage furniture and modern bedding with a big nod to the past. The Bertoia wire chair? A mid-century masterpiece. The ceramic fish? A piece of kitsch. But they both work, somehow!

Why We Love It: The artwork hanging over the bed makes an individual statement. Troll eBay for a vintage find to add flair to your bedroom.

bedroom w/bookcase

Curl Up and Read

This room’s amazing wall-tall bookcase offers ample storage for the most avid bibliophile. The deeply arched niche makes a comfy nook in which to tuck the bed.

Why We Love It: The bookcases are the main focus of the room. The color palette was kept neutral to draw all attention to the impressive display area.

bedroom w/green walls

Flea Market Chic

With mix-and-match (well, mostly mix) flea market treasures, this room exudes a level of sophistication well beyond its pedigree. Simple walls showcase the worn finishes of the vintage furniture and make each item stand out as special.

Why We Love It: Forget shabby, this is flea market style pulled off with sophistication and restraint.

contemporary bedroom w/large artwork on back wall

Gallery Touches

A vaulted ceiling gives a room an expansive feeling, but what about those giant walls? Here, a sophisticated take on wainscot brings the walls down to a friendly scale. A large-scale painting takes command of the bedroom and forms a pleasant visual triangle with the floor and furniture.

Why We Love It: Big spaces require bold strokes. The art, mirror, and headboard all have enough heft to fully occupy the high-volume space.

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