Updates: My Baby is fine after the fall.

31 Oct
Updates: My Baby is fine now!
Hello, after the scare last Thursday morning of dropping my baby from a shopping cart, he is fine now. He shows no sign of slowing down or pain or any abnormalty. In fact, all his bruises on the left side of his head and his cheeks are gone now. He is growing well and cheerful and happy. For many of you who have prayed and contacted me with caring concerns, here are some photos that I have taken of him to show thanks to you all and to let you have a peace of mind that my baby is fine. I covet your daily prayers for him.
With thanks,
I dropped Bunny today!
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 23:08:21 -0700
iphone7 15102008(002)

Hello, I was so scared…I dropped Bunny onto the floor today. It’s the first time for me to drive to the Chinese T&T supermart at Surrey eversince we moved to our new house so I was at the parking lot looking for the right entrance to T&T supermart but I have a bad habit of putting Bunny in his car seat and onto the top of the supermart shopping cart which has little space and no security. I am always alert but today, I was watching the curb more than Bunny and Bunny in his car seat fell down from the shopping cart and head down onto the concrete floor of the car park…I quickly picked him up and cried for help. Just then, a nurse came by, I didn’t know I was right outside an outpatient clinic and she works there and so she helped me with my baby and all my things and rushed for the doctor to look at him. The doctor had to shut me down because I was crying so badly that he said the baby is frightened by me. The doctor examined Bunny and found that he is all fine and I have to monitor him 24 hours.
So far he is behaving normally. His left head has bruises, the top of his left eye too as well as his left cheek… I feel so bad. Of course, when I was in the clinic, I called Constantin and told him and he consoled me that I’m not the first mom who dropped their babies.
I cried to the Lord just now and thank him for watching over Bunny especially when I am not… I covet all your prayers that all will be fine with Bunny always.

14112008(001) 14112008(002) 14112008
The clinic right in front where I dropped him / Arrow showing where Bunny fell and landed / Another view of it…still sends chills to my spine whenever I see the pictures. Boo hoo…
Found this in google that consoled me lots… please keep praying. Thanks.


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