Top Toy 2008! Automoblox

13 Nov
AutomobloxTop Toy 2008!
Automoblox is a beautifully designed and sophisticated line of wooden vehicles designed by Patrick Calello. Elegant styling, beautiful materials and fine detailing have all combined for one impressive package — educational for kids and fun for anyone.

 What impresses kids about these elegant wooden cars is how fast they go! While a single vehicle is fun on its own, multiples add more than the opportunity to race – kids can mix and match parts to design their own unique cars. 

Interchangeable parts from other Automoblox vehicles can be mixed-and-matched, so the real action begins when components from two or more vehicles are combined in imaginative new ways.

Automoblox products have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Road & Track and many other publications. The designs have also been recognized with top awards from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Parent’s Choice Foundation and others. 

To learn more, please visit: 

The S9 is the perfect family car. Equipped with large twelve spoke rims, bright blue low-profile tyres and a large sweeping roofline, it exudes coolness. With four passenger seating and a body extension block used to lengthen the wheelbase, it not only gives a comfortable ride, but a very versatile addition the Automoblox line-up. Dramatic headlights and taillights add distinction and will enhance any car your child might create. 

Wheels & Tyres:

Stylish realistic wheels enhance customisation. Colourful and aggressive  tyre designs are unique to each vehicle and are interchangeable .

Body Blocks & Connectors:

Each wooden body block is constructed from German beech wood. The distinctive components allow you to build custom cars. Connectors allow body parts to be switched and snapped together.

17 Digit VIN Number: 

Like real cars, a Sequential Vehicle Identification Number identifies the year and model of your car.


Size 19.4cm x 11.4cm x 7.36cm.


Vehicle Body: Solid beech wood with lacquer finish.
Roof: Injection molded translucent polycarbonate polymer.
Wheels: Injection molded polycarbonate polymer with silver painted finish.
Tyres: Injection molded TPR rubber.
Figures: Injection molded ABS polymer.
Connectors: Injection molded ABS polymer.

Age Group.

3 +. The super cool people that ride inside each Automoblox car that create the form board inside the passenger compartment present a choking hazard because of their compact size. Consideration was given to omitting the people so Automoblox would be ‘safe’ for children of all ages. The makers however concluded that the value the people added far out weighed any risks. That is the primary reason why Automoblox is age graded fro children 3 years of age and up.

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