Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes

22 Mar

I once had this p[rinted out somewhere and I lost it but I am so glad that I have found it so I am going to post this so I will never lose it anymore.

If you have never come across these yummy, healthy, delicious fruit juice recipes, try them!

1. Carrots  +  Ginger  +  Apple  = Boost and Cleanse our system 
Image Image  Image

2. Apple + Cucumber  + Celery  = Prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, reduce stomach upset, and reduce headache.

Image Image Image

3. Tomato  +  Apple  +  Carrot  = Improve skin complexion & reduce bad breath.


4. Bitter Gourd + Apple + Milk = Lower internal body heat and reduce bad bad breath


5. Orange  +  Ginger  + Cucumber = Reduce body heat, improve skin texture and moisture.


6. Pineapple  +  Apple  + Watermelon = Nourish bladder and kidney, and dispel excess salt.


7. Apple  +  Cucumber  +  Kiwi fruit = Improve skin complexion


8. Pear  +  Banana = Regulate sugar content


9. Carrot  +  Apple  +  Pear  +  Mango = Counteract toxicity, decrease blood pressure, fight oxidization, and reduce body heat


10. Honeydew  +  Grapes  +  Watermelon  +  Milk  = Rich in Vitamin C & B2 that will increase cell activity and will boost immunity


11. Papaya  +  Pineapple  +  Milk  = Rich in Vitamin C, E, and Iron, so increase skin complexion and metabolism


12. Banana  +  Pineapple  +  Milk = Prevent constipation


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