The invisible woman – Art Photography by Cecilia Paredes

25 Jul

Article adapted from Adam Stone.

“Siren in the Sea of Roses” photography by Cecilia Parades

The invisible art or photos shoot by people melting with the surrounding environment already has a tradition in the works of Liu Bolin and Desiree Palmen, however, it does not make Cecilia Paredes a plagiarism because her art photography is completely unique and unforgettable. Her style is characterized by strong color saturation and does not occur in the work of anyone who creates in this style.

“Transition” by Cecilia Paredes photography wallpaper

The art photographer Cecilia Paredes was born in Lima, the capital of Peru. In 1998 she moves to Costa Rica where she lives and works for 8 years. Her first original art photography exhibition is held in 1998 in Guatemala. In her latest project she recreates her body as a part of a landscape, as this landscape is unique in every single picture.

“Paradise” photography by Cecilia Parades

The invisible woman series

“Meditative Mermaid” photography wallpaper by Cecilia Paredes

For this series she selects specific fabrics and linens made of natural materials. With this project she is trying to avoid the nomadic life and to find her identity. With the project “Landscapes,” the artist proves that the female body (in this case on these unique pictures – her own body) is something sacred and mysterious, which is worth to be admiring. Meanwhile, a woman’s body appeared on earth as a connection key to the dialogue between the soul of man and nature around us. Currently the artist lives and creates her art photography in Philadelphia USA.

“Invisible Woman ” series a wallpaper “Spirit of the East” by Cecilia Paredes

“Lilly” a photography wallpaper by Cecilia Parades

“Magnolia” Art Photo by Cecilia Paredes from series “Invisible Woman”

“Invisible Woman” “Tutti Frutti” Art Photo by Cecilia Paredes

“Dreaming Rose” a photo wallpaper by Cecilia Parades

“Crisantemo” photo wallpaper by Cecilia Paredes

Cecilia Paredes art photo wallpaper

Cecilia Paredes and her “Invisible Woman” series art wallpaper

Artwork photography by Cecilia Parades called “Rhythmic Garland”

Photography artwork by Cecilia Parades from “Invisible Woman” series wallpaper

“Art Nouveau” art photography by Cecilia Paredes

Artwork by Cecilia Parades from photography series “Invisible Woman”



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